The Option to “OPT-OUT” is a Bill in the Senate

Senate bill S3379A is currently being reviewed and hopefully will become enacted and passed as law in the state of New York, hereby giving people the opportunity to “Opt-Out” of the installation of a two-way, radio transmitting device, which emits pulsed radiation. Here in 2016, humanity is being stripped of the right to know how, when and where our civil liberties are being washed away in a sea of wireless technology. We are not being informed, we are not being asked, we are not being considered and we are not allowed to stay safe in our own homes anymore without a fight. Utility companies across this country are armed and dangerous and discretion as to whom is on the firing lines is gone. We are all on the front line of defense in a covert operation, financed by governments around the globe to secretly and stealthily usurp our minds, bodies and souls, through hedonistic, terroristic, intrusionary means; two-way, pulsed, microwave radiation. Here in the state of New York, as in several others around the country, we have the right to “Opt-OUT”, the only thing is that we don’t know it, because we haven’t been told. And we haven’t been told, because the U.S. government hasn’t told anyone that it has okayed the multi-billion dollar installation of “AMR”, or “AMI” or “RF” meters, aka, “Smart Meters”. We haven’t been told they are being installed, so how would we know we have an option to Opt Out of having them installed. We don’t. So once the meter is installed, good luck trying to get them to remove it. It becomes an all-out, almost futile battle, one which will destroy every fiber of trust you thought you ever had.

Here is the thing, good people around the world and here in the U.S. are getting very sick, some are already dead, some are dying and some have taken their own lives. Ordinarily, before 2012, I would be writing blogs of uplifting, positive and vibrant content. But such is not the case in 2016. My mind has been taken over and my trust in the system has been removed. When I say taken over, I mean it literally and figuratively. I am a changed woman. And I never saw this coming. Never. I speak out now, regularly and whenever possible; town hall meetings, health commissioner meetings, social media and every chance I get. People are sick and I know why. I am that cute little, yellow “canary”, covered in cool, black soot and trying to shake off what I now know to be true. We are being covertly controlled, by air, sea and space. A means of warfare, unimaginable, but so real. We are living in the future. We are under the auspices of a government that seeks to change every ideal we once held true; that we are safe and secure in the United States. We are not. And “We the People” better wake up and shake up to the new reality. We are being surveilled and we are being made sick while under surveillance.

Smart meters are making us sick by sending a very strong pulsed signal into our bodies and our brains, via the airwaves, riding “Piggy-back” on our already existing electrical and wireless technology. All of this wiring and wireless cannot coexist. It just isn’t possible, without an interruption of our biological systems. You see, we are in the way of the future. It looks bright alright, but some of us are not seeing the light.

You can research the harmful effects of pulsed radiation. Just “google” “The Dangers of Smart Meters” and you will be inundated with a plethora of material, overwhelming and even frightening at times. My war against the smart meter started in 2013, after suffering for three years with bizarre symptoms, to the point where I actually did want to die. It was that horrific. I was a very healthy mother of three at the time, before the meter was installed; after the meter I turned into a pile of sickening symptoms: heart palpitations, shortness of breath, brain fog, body pain, imbalance problems, surging brain and chest, electrocution in my head, interrupted sleep and many more. The electrocution was so terrifying, I was crying in pain, with nowhere to turn for answers. But I knew it was coming from inside my home. My home of 25 years was suddenly a battle zone. My husband, finally found the device attached to our water meter and he cut the wires and simply removed it. My symptoms started to wane within minutes. I could not believe it. The next day I called our water company and complained, vehemently, but they were cold, and unconcerned. I asked for their legal department and explained the circumstances. I was thereby afforded the opportunity to send my readings in the “Old-fashioned” way; calling them in. But they did try to extort money from me, $600.00, but I refused, saying that was not going to happen. And it didn’t. We must now speak up and become our own advocates in a world where our privacy is being stripped and our own well-being is being covertly destroyed. You have the power to SAY NO to smart meters, there are laws that allow you to opt-out, but you must do your homework and apply it to your situation. It is time to take back our right and our power, to say NO and to stay safe in our homes. We are being lied to about the safety of wireless technology and we are the guinea pigs in a mass experiment with no known outcome YET. In my next blog, I will outline, more specifically, the bill which gives residents the right refuse a smart meter.

There are certain guidelines which I adhered to in order to accomplish this. One was sending a certified letter to PSE&G, alerting them to my decision to OPT OUT, I notified National Grid, as well, as to my concerns about pulsed radiation and asked to OPT OUT, I now have a sticker on my gas meter alerting any representative as to my decision and no meter will be installed as long as I am living in this house. Be aware of your children’s complaints too, as they seem to have symptoms, but parents, who are uneducated, do not know where and how to attribute them. Smart boards in classrooms are also making our kids sick today; headaches and, nausea, vomiting and dizziness are some of the complaints of our kids when they come home from school. Pay attention to them, they are also unwitting victims.